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Agnes Nowak MUA

Based out of Toronto, Canada…  I am a Certified Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Consultant since 2011, specializing in Skincare and Makeup for Wedding Events (Bridals). It is my passion and I love what I do… empowering women and men in how they look and feel about themselves, providing solutions for different beauty issues and concerns. I service Toronto area with mobile beauty services mostly for weddings and also have past experience in Stage Makeup, TV & Runway (Fashion Shows & Pageants). I truly enjoy the “WOW” factor when beautifying my clients for a special event.

I’m an entrepreneur, or should I say a mompreneur… I certainly juggle many jobs throughout my day. I’m also a dreamer (so they say) I admire, believe in and am inspired by people who follow their dreams by doing what they love with passion, focus and pride. Sharing, teaching, helping and inspiring others along the way to do the same. I’d like to believe that I am also that person and therefore I have made the commitment to have an on-line presence in order to be of service, help and inspiration to many and adding value through sharing, teaching and recommending what I already know from my own personal and professional experience.

I’m a product user (anything from makeup and skincare to nutrition item or hair product…  and I look for the best qualities in everything I use/purchase. I’m very health conscious and always want to know about the safest and purest products that are available for me, my family and my clients. I stay up to date within these industries and therefore I am very proud to be affiliated with some very well respected beauty, health and wellness companies, where I not only buy my own products from for myself and my family, but highly recommend to all my friends and clients and to you through this blog site. Here you will find posts on topics that have to do with Healthy Lifestyle, Beauty & Well-being… as well as easy access to all my favorite botanically based personal care products. I only write honest product reviews, provide tips and make recommendations based on my own personal use and experience. My goal here is to inform, educate and share my opinion with my audience. I also write reviews and promote many brands and their products on-line and/or services.

I ultimately want the best of the best in my daily product use… If this also sounds like you… then I’m happy we have lots in common and my goal is to make this a fun yet helpful and informative visit for you.

Wishing you Beauty, Health & Happiness.

Agnes Nowak  

All Events Makeup Artist


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  1. Agnes,
    You have a great background for promoting these products. Writing your reviews from personal experience will make them a lot more believable.
    Having the correct information on healthy beauty products is a must today, as some products may make you look good, but kill your skin over time.

  2. This is great, I really love that you are reviewing different products giving you honest opinions. It is easier for me to understand and relate since you are someone who has a great background with the products you are promoting. Thank you for sharing!

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