Addicted to Mascara… Arbonne Best Seller

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Mascara addicts… this one’s for you!

I’ve been using this Best Seller magic wand of a mascara for over a year now, and haven’t thought of using any other since. It’s a Long Story Mascara separates lash-by-lash giving it definition and length, fiber lash effect yet still looks very natural. This mascara comes in true black, with strong pigment and one coat is usually all I need but here on this pic I added a 2nd coat. As you can tell below, I was not born with an abundance of lashes so, occasionally I like a more dramatic look.

                                                        My Before & After

Before and After Results Image using Arbonne Mascara

The slightly bent bristle of the applicator brush makes it glide on so smoothly so it’s easy to navigate into the corners of my eyes. Exclusively designed with revolutionary polypeptides to promote the appearance of longer lashes… So impressed with the ingredients… Bamboo and Pea Extracts, Pro-Vitamins B5, C, and E not only pamper and nurture the look of your lashes but also promote their growth. This mascara just does NOT disappoint. But the best part is that it’s non allergic, Yay!!! Which is a huge deal for me as I always had severe sensitivities in my eyes when used other brands in the past, it made me tear and my whole makeup look was destroyed. But not this one… Now, when so close to the eye who doesn’t want a safe, vegan formula, dermatologist, ophthalmologist and clinically tested product?… I WAS SOLD!!!

  • Note: This Mascara is NOT Waterproof, Arbonne makes a point in making their products PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL free of harmful ingredients.

Arbonne Mascara ImageBEST SELLER

All Arbonne products are botanically based, they are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without gluten, mineral oil and other harmful toxic chemicals. This mascara is slightly on the pricier side $49 SRP  (as my Preferred Client you are entitled to 20% discount), but you get what you pay for and you’re getting a quality product.


I hope you enjoyed this product review (my favorite mascara), please feel free to comment or ask a question below.







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It's a Long Story Masscara

It's a Long Story Masscara


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.5 /10


10.0 /10

Promised Results

10.0 /10


  • Lenthens & Thickens Lashes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washes off Easily
  • Botanically Based
  • Vegan Formula


  • Non-Waterproof


  1. I love Arbonne! And their products are truly top quality! I’ve only had mostly skin care products from them… but I’m also looking into their line of cosmetics as well. Oh my goodness… your eyelashes look so good with this on too! I’d love that!

    And actually, I’m not a huge fan of waterproof mascara, because it’s always so hard to get off 🙁

    I’d love to get this one rather than the cheapy covergirl ones I get… this looks great – thank you!

    1. Hello Mei 

      Thank you for your positive feedback.

      I am happy to hear you use Arbonne products, the skin care is like no other and the makeup is exceptional as well. For me mainly because non of the makeup and skin care cause me any allergies, therefore Im so greatful and SOLD on this brand. The mascara you definitely have to try, it provides results ( as you seen my Before&After; ) and its so easy to wash off. Also, it doesn’t dry up so quickly in the tube. Mine lasts me up to 3 months (stretch your $$$), whereas the drug store bought I would have to throw out anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Let me know what you think if you ever end up purchasing one.



  2. I have been looking for a top quality botanically based mascara. My lashes are very thin and I would like to give them a more defined look. A friend told me about Arbonne a week ago, and I just did not follow up on the suggestion. Now that I have read your post, I am fully convinced that this is truly a top product to try, so I will be buying it.

  3. My wife doesn’t wear makeup but I have been trying to get her to try it from time to time. I think she would look radiant if she did. What can I say to get her to try or what can I do?

    1. Hi Ronnie

      Oh boy… How to tell your woman to try on some makeup? Well, that might not go over very well… hahah so be careful. If your wife doesn’t feel the need to wear makeup, it means that she is comfortable and confident with the way she looks. Most women wear makeup to enhance their beauty and I’m sure she would definitely accentuate her look. How about giving her a gift card to a spa for a personal makeup session that goes along nicely with a Mani & Pedi or even a massage. You can also purchase some of the basic makeup products for her as a gift. But if you suspect that she may get offended I’d go with my first choice. Let me know how this works out for you Ronnie.

      All the best

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