Cold and Flu, Organic Home Remedy

Organic Tea from Ginger and Turmeric

My favourite and most effective remedy for fighting infections relieve pain and prevent the common cold & flu. It’s a simple, natural recipe with powerful results, and one that everyone should try!

So it’s September, and already the temperatures are dropping here in Toronto, Canada. For the first time this summer I had to put on a sweat-shirt today to take my son to the park. And what this means, is that the cold fronts are coming in slowly and the time of significant weather change usually comes with common cold. I feel like its early still, but never too early to be pro-active and preventative. Boosting your immune system now, will hopefully help you beat any nasty flu or infection.

Most people turn to the drug store to find effective solutions for common cold or flu. And I did too, but they never really helped! I felt like I just spend money on something that did nothing. I simply had to suffer through my cold or mild throat infection by letting it run its course. I thought to myself: How did people back in the day treat their common colds, where drugs and medications were not available? What did they do? Better yet, what did they use, and what was available to them? I got curious and had a conversation about it with my Mom whom I haven’t seen in a while. And she told me of this simple, natural, inexpensive DIY tea recipe that she recently learned about from a friend. The recipe consisted of 4 items:

1.) Ginger – herbaceous perennial plant root native to Southern Asia.

Image of Ginger RootAnti-inflammatory
Reduces muscle pain
Relieves nausea
Improves your heart health
Lowers your blood sugar
Aids your digestion


2.) Turmeric – one of the best super spices out there of the Ginger family, also a herbaceous perennial plant root native to Southern Asia.

Image of Turmeric RootHelps cleanse your body
Reduces inflammation
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
Protects against cancer
Healthy for your heart
Brain health (can help prevent dementia)
Powerful at helping with depression


3.) Lemon – rich source of vitamin C, providing 64% of the Daily Value in a 100g serving. Essential to a healthy diet, as well as being a highly effective antioxidant.

Image of Lemon FruitFights infections like the flu & colds
Helps restore body’s pH balance
Stimulates & detoxifies the liver
Helps dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits and kidney stones
Destroys intestinal worms
Destroys bacteria and slows down growth of cancer tumors


4.) Honey – a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees and some related insects.

Image of Honey in a JarPrevents cancer and heart disease
Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
Reduces ulcers, cough and throat irritation
Regulates blood sugar
Strengthens immune system 
Natural probiotic

Combine these 4 ingredients, and make a Natural Home-made Remedy for your cold, flu and throat infection and inflammation.


  • In a small pot, heat to boil 2 cups of water.
  • Clean the Turmeric & Ginger root with running water in your sink.
  • Slice both Turmeric & Ginger into 5 thin pieces each (no pealing required).
  • Add slices to boiling (medium heat) water for about 10 minutes.
  • Take off the heat and let it cool to your desired temperature (I personally like it hot like tea).
  • Pour contents into your tea cup or bowl (including pieces of Ginger & Turmeric to consume for best results).
  • Take half a Lemon and squeeze out fresh juice.
  • Add 1-2 tea spoons of Honey.

Turmeric and Ginger also have an amazing power to boost your health in general. By using these herbs separately or in a combination such as Tea, you can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain in your body. 

And Enjoy, from my kitchen to yours!

For those of you who are not familiar of how this may taste a small warning… Ginger is spicy, but the Lemon + Honey will help make the spiciness mild. This might not taste great for all of you, and it takes time getting used to. But it is highly effective and results are almost immediate, so you choose. Is it better to suffer from your cold like symptoms or suck it up and take this simple home remedy instead of medicine bought from over the counter which will not help much at all? The choice is yours. I even gave this tea to my 4 year old, he certainly had no idea what he was getting into (kids hate this kind of taste) but I tricked him just so he can take a few sips. He had a severe throat infection at the time. His throat was very red and raw, after he took a few sips… poor guy started crying as his throat was burning due to the Ginger spice. But the next day I took my cell phone led light and looked into his mouth and the throat looked just a bit pinkish. WOW, I was amazed as he didn’t even drink the whole cup that I prepared for him. I had the same results with my throat. From now on, this is my go to recipe. All these ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store or Whole Foods if you prefer organic grown. I highly recommend to put in the effort and do it yourself at home with fresh ingredients, but for whatever reason you may want the easy way there is an Organic Herbal Tea by Rishi Tea proudly sold on Amazon, I provided a link below.


Be proactive, use this remedy regularly to prevent pain caused by inflammation, oncoming cold or infection.

Stay healthy and come back for more of my posts on all to do with Beauty, Lifestyle & Wellbeing…


I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment or ask a question below.

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  1. Hello there! The weather is changing from summer to fall. And whenever there’s a change in weather I became sick. Right now I feel that I’m getting a cold. Luckily I found your article about cold and flu natural home remedy. I always drink medicine when I get sick but now I want to do natural remedy. Thank you for sharing this information to treat m sickness.

  2. I’m literally fighting a soar throat right now and I was wondering what I could buy to help so it’s so ironic that I found this post. I’m from Jamaica so Honey and lime is a popular homemade remedy for cold and flu but ginger is new to me so thanks for that and thanks for reminding me about the remedy. Keep posting good content.

    1. Hi Aldane

      So sorry to hear about your sore throat, definitely try this remedy. Ginger is a bit spicy but that is what will help your sore possibly infected throat. And don’t forget Turmeric… it is anti-inflammatory and goes very well with ginger, honey & lemon. Drinking this mixture twice a day… you will see improvement almost immediately.

      Cheers, and stay healthy.

  3. Hi Agnes,
    I have a low immune system due to being vitamin D deficient from seizures so I get colds a lot more often. I didn’t realize how effective Ginger was. This is great. I like how you include a quick recipe. I will have to test it out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love lemon and honey, they are my remedy for coughing. I don’t care for the bitterness of Ginger but honey smoothes out some of the bitterness so I occasionally add Ginger as I know it really has a healing effect for cold and flu. Turmeric is something I have never tried beside the supplement, and I never even dream about the remedy for cold and flu. Just like Ginger, it has some unique flavor (although I love curry), but I am a firm believer that if the thing doesn’t taste good, then it must be good for your body (besides honey!). I will try these four ingredients next time I get cold, instead of running to the drug store to get a NyQuil!

  5. Thank you for this information. It has been awhile since I had a cold or flu. But when I get the flu I turn into a big old baby. This should help me if I catch one this winter.

    1. Hi Ronnie
      Thank you for visiting again. Nothing wrong with being a “big baby” when sick. And I hope you don’t get sick this winter, but in case you do definitely try it out and come back to tell me how it worked out for you.
      Take good care of yourself 🙂


  6. Hello and thanks for sharing, it is that time of the year when folks are about to get the sniffles and of to the drug store they go, but what better way to treat those colds and flus, than by using home remedies that is a lot less expensive and safe I may add. What you have written here is a great help and will help so many people to go the natural way.

  7. I so glad you mention getting this from your mom. It is just so cool when our mothers come up with these wonder remedies and foods. Kudo’s on giving her the honour.

    This remedy of yours is super effective. I have known about the benefits of turmeric for a while, but have not thought of putting this into a tea, mmm. This has the makings of a super drink.
    I just have one question, have you heard of or experienced any heartburn from this mix?

    1. Hi Marius
      Thank you for visiting, I personally never experienced heartburn after having this tea. Its a natural remedy therefore it shouldn’t be irritating in any way.

  8. I 100% agree with you about turmeric and ginger. I get headaches regularly and medication doesn’t do much. When I take turmeric in a pill or drink turmeric and ginger tea its gone. Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing your info.

    1. Hello Bill

      It’s great to hear that you have experienced the health benefits of turmeric & ginger. I truly enjoy sharing such valuable and beneficial facts. Glad you enjoyed.

  9. Hello Agnes,
    I really loved this post. Thank you for sharing this home made remedy. It’s not only less expensive and healthy, the taste is also very delicious.

    I was adviced by a family member to make this recipie frequently and consume. I feel really excited seeing this same recipe online. That combination really has amazing health benefits.

    Plus you have a very professional and nice looking website. It gives you the appeal to click on every item

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