How to SAVE on your Arbonne Cosmetics? Shop On-line and receive 20% off

Visiting the cosmetic department of any trendy retail store, or a specialty beauty store is like walking into a candy store for most women. Im a sucker for it too. I buy cosmetics all the time, it’s my job as a Makeup Artist to have literally everything in my makeup/skincare kit. And because I make money on providing makeup services I want to purchase cosmetics at lower cost, yet without compromising on the quality of product. The elegant packaging, colorful pigments and mind-blowing fragrance… it’s easy to get swept up in a cosmetic shopping spree… however, it’s going to cost you $$$. But the good news is, your makeup bag essentials don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Certified Makeup Artist’s get 40% discount at places like M.A.C while all other customers have to dish out the regular retail price. I’m not even a fan of M.A.C. products for many reasons… Ingredients, allergic reactions, product smell etc. I could go on… All other retailers don’t offer people like me discounts except for Arbonne. There are other options than the traditional retail store purchase, and all of its overhead expense well calculated into the final price tag.

Traditional way to shop is very expensive. Let me explain… The manufacturer increases the price to the wholesaler as they need to make money $$$, then the wholesaler has to pay warehousing & shipping fees and pay the sales force in order to sell the product to the retailer (physical store with overhead expense) simply put, more $$$. So now the wholesaler easily doubles the price for the retailer. Can you do the math?  …and we’re not even done yet. The hefty price to pay is left to you, the consumer. As now the wholesale price got doubled again. Does that sound good? Not to me it doesn’t. But that’s the way it has been and still is how traditional retail works.

I will give you a real example on a small scale, from my days working for an Import/Export company:

Average Example:

  • To manufacture a lipstick overseas cost $2.00
  • Wholesaler buys for $3.00  $1.00 profit to manufacture
  • To ship it (Import) to wholesaler in Canada cost $1.00
  • To store in warehouse cost $1.00
  • Pay a sales employee commission, another expense $0.50
  • Retailer buys lipstick from wholesaler for $10.00  $4.50 profit to wholesaler
  • Retailer sells lipstick to consumer for $18.00  $8.00 profit to retailer

The lipstick could of only cost the consumer $10.00, if the wholesaler, warehouse and retailer were eliminated.

Traditional Retail Diagram


So how can you SAVE on Makeup and Cosmetic items?? … and you don’t have to be a Makeup Artist to get the discounts.

The beauty of On-line shopping… what if we could cut out the middle man?… and straight from manufacture to the consumer who makes a purchase directly on-line and/or through an Independent Consultant or an Affiliate Marketer . We’ve all shopped on-line before and we know how easy it is, not to mention the deals we are able to scoop up, vs. traditional retail store. Not only so much overhead cost is completely eliminated… but also well respected on-line companies such as Amazon, and Arbonne etc. are able to give the consumer a more attractive price for equally great quality product if not better. Also they have room to wiggle with extra savings, promotions and incentives so you’ll want to order from them repeatedly. It could be anything like Free-shipping, Free product with purchase or both, and ongoing promotions for existing customers.

So here is where I’d like to show you how you too can SAVE 20% on all products from Arbonne on-line store directly. Where the price could of been much higher (more towards the 3 digits) knowing about the quality of product that you’re getting. Because Arbonne can only be sold on-line through your designated Independent Consultant, (which in this case it would be me) to obtain 20% discount a small annual membership fee of $24 CDN (or an equivalent amount to your country’s currency) is required. With that you become a Preferred Client (PC) with no obligation to renew after 1 year, however the price of renewal does not change and is easily renewed at end of term in order to maintain your (PC) advantage. Of course anyone can shop with no membership required for regular Suggested Retail Price (SRP). But why…when you can save on all your purchases all year round, no need to wait for a sale. Here are some examples of  the 20 % savings right from a Preferred Clients screen…

20% Discount example20% Discount example20% Discount example



To take advantage of this offer Sign up below… and get your favorite Arbonne products with 20% in savings.

Anyone from CANADA, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, POLAND, NEW ZELAND & TAIWAN is able to shop with us. 

Soon we’re coming to GERMANY


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Why are Arbonne’s products beneficial for you??? 

Well, as I explained… all my clients get to benefit and enjoy quality cosmetics from a well-known brand that proudly stands by their PURE • SAFE • BENEFICIAL promise of safe and non-toxic ingredients in their products for 20% less.

Why my recommendation???

I proudly use Arbonne’s products myself and highly recommend and promote it amongst my network of clients, friends and family as well as my social media followers, becuase Arbonne’s products:

  1. deliver significant results

  2. are Non-toxic and healthy

  3. are Gluten-Free

  4. are Vegan

  5. Non-GMO

  6. are manufactured in agreement with EU standards

Through my website, I write honest product reviews and make recommendations based on my own personal use and experience. My goal here is to inform, educate and share my opinion with my audience. Sharing is Caring. I have been successful with Arbonne as the makeup, skincare and nutrition products are receiving raving reviews where more people are turning away from known brands that are simply not health conscious as Arbonne is, and switching to much safer products which Arbonne offers in 7 countries so far and continually expanding globally.


I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment or ask a question below.


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  1. Interesting review on Arbonne cosmetics. I’m not familiar with the company and am curious about ingredients. Do you have that information to share? I’m interested in foundation with SPF protection and wonder if Arbonne has any. I’ve bookmarked this review and look forward to more information before I make a purchase.

  2. I have to admit that I am one of those consumers that has tried many, many different brands of cosmetics and spent way more than I should have! Thanks for your informative article. It sounds like Arbonne products are excellent and I appreciate the 20% discount! I am certainly going to check it out.

    1. Hi there, thank you for reading. It’s all about sharing and spreading the news about great products and that there is a way to save money, and still be able to use great quality products for less 🙂


  3. Hi Agnes,

    Great blog I stumbled on to it and thought of my wife and how she can benefit from your expertise. I will certainly save this post for her to read I am certain she will get a lot of value from it!


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