Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet

Since you landed on this post, I am sure you already know that the benefits of Essential Oils are healing and therapeutic in many ways. Which is exactly why I love to use them. Simply adore the relaxing and calming effects of my favorite Lavender Oil diffused into the air during meditation or yoga. Just wonderful to help achieve harmony and balance in your life. At home I enjoy my favorite Essential Oils by adding a few drops to a water based diffuser which works great in any desired area of the home. Now, how about if you could take the experience with you On-The-Go? I for one did not know about this until recently, I was gifted with this gorgeous “Radiant Energy” Lava Stone diffusing bracelet from Essential Charms.


Essential Charms Oil Diffusing Bracelet

Loved it from the start! I wear it everyday alone, and sometimes along with my other Crystal Healing bracelets. I keep smelling Lavender everywhere I go. This light weight, pretty and rich in color bracelet is handmade with premium, semi-precious 12mm Red Magnesite stones, 3 beige Lava Stones and a custom stainless steel cube. Magnesite is said to tune into the energy of your heart and will allow your mind to align with your deepest desires, enhancing clarity of purpose. Lava Stones has porous texture, which enables them to absorb essential oil. So you can use this bracelet as a portable essential oil diffuser. Just put 1-2 drops of essential oil and leave it to dry before wearing the bracelet.


Spiritual & Aromatherapy benefits of my new “Radiant Energy” diffuser bracelet.

Magnesite is a wonderful relaxing and calming stone to use in meditation. It has the potential to aid you to create amazing changes in your life. It’s potent metaphysical properties, and it’s vibration is quite impressive and may have an effect in various ways, depending on what you personally want and need. It is a strong stone for creative visualization and imagination, and it will aid the development of exceptional clarity.” I have been truly enjoying this stone along with Lavender Oil, it has a soothing vibration, and if you meditate with it, and specifically tune into the energy of your heart it will allow your mind to respond to the desires of the heart.

Lava Stone doesn’t really have the look of something that is healing, but for centuries it has been used to do exactly that. When thinking of Lava Stones, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s origin plays a key role in its energetic qualities. “Since Lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming yet intense energy. Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Lava Stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root Chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth.”


I love jewelry, period! From rings, necklaces, earrings to bracelets… love them all as long as they are made with quality and genuine stones. The fact that this particular piece has also healing and therapeutic properties, made it even more exciting for me to own. My personal opinion of Essential Charms is Fantastic Quality & Purpose, and wanted to write a post about my personal experience to share with you. As I only do this if I’m truly impressed with a product. Here is me wearing it with my Lavender Essential Oil, which smells amazing by the way.


Essential Charms also carries the following Lava Stone bracelets for different tastes and preferences.



Ancient Agate Lava Stone Bracelet


Agate is known for its slow and steady healing properties and is said to bring harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit.Like lava stone, it has a grounding energy and will bring you strength and stability in times of need. Pair this essential oil bracelet with your favorite oils and enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy “On-the-Go”!


Deep Blue Lava Stone Bracelet


Magnestite brings a deep peace and sense of understanding, used in relaxation exercises. It is a calming and relaxing stone that is said to stimulate “heart felt” love as it is often used to open the Heart Chakra in Yoga and mediation practices. Magnesite contains a high level of magnesium and aids with absorption in the body which makes it a perfect pairing for Essential Oil jewelry.


Earthy Comfort Lava Stone BraceletEARTHY COMFORT

Throughout the world, “Picture Stone” Jasper is heralded for its deep connection to the Earth. It is known as a “protective stone” and is said to bring comfort to its bearer by reducing stress, anxiety and fear. Combined with lava stones and Essential Oils, it’s the perfect stone to keep you more in balance with nature making it one of our most popular diffuser bracelets.


Good Impressions Lava Stone Bracelet


Aqua Terra Jasper is known as the “Impression Stone” and is commonly referred to as Impression Jasper. Every bead is unique and the sea green colors mixed with the earthy, brown veins have a very calming look to them. Perhaps this is why the stone is said to ease the pain of loneliness and is perfect for helping one find inner peace, clarity, love and compassion.




I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you have any questions about the Product Review above or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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Essential Charms Lava Stone Bracelet

51.55 CDN
Essential Charms Lava Stone Bracelet


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Light Weight
  • Fashionable
  • Healing
  • Therapeutic
  • Affordable


  • No variety of stone size
  • Small variety of colors


  1. Beautiful. I’ve always enjoyed essential oils and their uses, but I wasn’t aware they could come in charms! I really like the Agate, I am always in need of something that “grounds” me in times of anxiety and need. Jasper seems like a great choice too.

  2. These are amazing and so pretty! I didn’t realize that you could have jewelry with essential oils infused in it. I love my essential oils and now to be able to wear them wherever I go is great. Thank you!

  3. This bracelet looks awesome! These will make great gifts for my friends and daughters who all love EO’s and use them regularly. I keep a bottle of rose oil in my purse but this would be much easier to access on my wrist. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Wow, you really do love this bracelet. It MUST be that good if you gave it 10/10. My girlfriend enjoys these types of bracelets a lot, so do you think this would make a great gift for her, you know, just a random one? The price seems right. How long do they take to ship and what are the return policies? Thanks

    1. Hi Brandon

      I really DO LOVE it 🙂 The oil application lasts for about 3 days.
      Each bracelet is meant for different reason/purpose, the one I have is for attracting relaxing and calming energy. If you’re thinking of your girlfriend… you can choose bracelets for Balance & Harmony, Inner Peace & Clarity, Protection from stress & anxiety or like the one I have great for meditation.
      Shipping takes about a week, as for return policies please refer to the website I provided
      Thank’s for visiting.

  5. I have been thinking of getting into essential oils and don’t really know much about them. I had no clue they even had bracelets and they are pretty too. Thank you for the information.

  6. Very cool article. I didn’t think I’d become a believer in essential oils but my family really loves them and I can see the results first hand. Great post. Thanks for sharing! What an awesome way to keep the effects going by wearing this bracelet 🙂

  7. Hi Agnes,
    This was so interesting to read. Didn’t know about the lava stones and good to know they are light weight and porous. Good combination for adding the essential oils. What a great concept.

  8. This is great I use oils when I get migraines and I truly believe they help. I did not know you could carry the oils within a bracelet an associate with lava stones. I love the concept

  9. Hey there, as a lover of essential oils I was very exited to read about this bracelet. Not only is it really beautiful to look at , but they are also made out of healing stones. I especially love the red one that you are wearing.
    We sell essential oils in the herbal apothecary where I work, we also use them in lots of our creams and potions and I now realise just how powerful and healing they actually are.
    I think I shall put this bracelet on the birthday present list for myself 🙂

  10. I had no idea that the lava stones could be infused with essential oils! I love the fact that lava is known for its grounding qualities, and for calming emotions, and combined with the essential oils, well, what a great combination for wellness and energetic health, rebirth and stability. I am very much keyed into my chakras and love that the lava stones are good for stabilizing the root chakra. Great post!

  11. Gorgeous. Love these essential oil diffusing bracelets! The bracelet with Magnesite is really intriguing to me, helping me to clarify my purpose and direction, and I love that I can use it with lavender oil, which is my favorite oil anyway! I also love the Earthy Comfort and Good Impressions styles, but tending toward Earthy Comfort, as I need something to help me reduce some stress and fear. Plus I love those colors. This is a brilliant idea, because there are many times I leave for work, leaving my oils behind, wishing I can take them with me, especially in the car, to help me stay grounded and focused, on my way to work. I think I have found the solution! Thank you!

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