I hope you enjoy reading all my posts and some of my favorite product reviews. If you have not had the chance to do so yet, here is what I would like you to know:

I truly enjoy sharing everything I write about with my audience in the most genuine way possible.

Using my knowledge and expertise…

  • I only review products that I have personally bought and used on myself, my family, friends, my children or my clients.
  • I only blog and write authentic posts about my own personal experiences with products or services.
  • My tips, suggestions and recommendations are truly my own and from my views and perspectives only.
  • If I don’t believe in a product or have no good reviews, I will simply not write about it or review it. Unless it is in my opinion harmful or dangerous, than I will voice my own opinion in such a way that it will be helpful to you in order to make your own informed decision.
  • When using Before & After images in order to show results, (whether of myself or others) I make sure they are true and authentic images that are not photoshopped or edited in anyway.
  • I welcome your comments, emails, inquires, questions, opinions and recommendations and I usually respond within 24 hrs during business days.

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